Social Networking Services-based Workflow

September 2, 2009

In my last post I spent some time worrying about whether adopting new SNS based technologies was really worth the trouble, and if it wouldn’t be better to sort of temper our acceptance of the technology with a need to preserve some of the more traditional ways of developing a professional network. With that in mind, I have laid out a few points to keep in mind when attempting to integrate SNS.

First, I will describe a hypothetical workflow that incorporates both AddressBook and Jobvite (discussed in earlier posts).


Rough sketch of how one might incorporate Jobvite & AddressBook

Rough sketch of how one might incorporate Jobvite & AddressBook


Yeah, if only it were that simple… The diagram is over simplified but hopefully gets the basic point across. With AddressBook and Jobvite as part of the placement process, the idea is that a recruiter can manage the referral process on the fly, with everything synced to a smart phone. I have outlined this part in red, with the more traditional workflow (starting with the SNS bypass box) outlined in blue.

This is not to say that the distinction can or should be drawn this clearly or made so sharp as this. I don’t think it is that simple. The idea is to compare and contrast the blue versus the red so to speak, and give serious consideration as to whether the change in process can be accomplished while preserving the quality of relationships that are added by it. In other words, are we really adding productive and fruitful relationships here, or are we simply creating more work for ourselves with little or no ROI?

Notice the two boxes in bold on the lower left of the flowchart. It would seem that these two steps are crucial, regardless of which approach is adopted.  Here is where the quality of relationships is developed and maintained (in part at least). Given that the flow chart is so simple, I am really just making a more intuitive point, but hopefully the idea is clear enough. When the information is made available to the recruiter, some networking savvy will have to take over.

Enough babbling. This is a rough sketch of how I see this technology being used (one way at least). If anyone has any suggestions, thoughts, comments, etc.; let me know!



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