Cloud Recruiting

August 24, 2009

Cloud computing… Cloud recruiting… Cloud this… Cloud that…

When used as a verb, cloud can be a synonym for confuse or obfuscate. Of course in the case of cloud recruiting, cloud is meant as a modifier noun, but at least you can get a sense of where I might be headed with this… I am somewhat skeptical at this point, but in the  interest of advancing an informed opinion, I will be doing a little research and kibitzing bits and pieces on cloud recruiting. Most of the information that I have come across so far seems to suggest that cloud recruiting is a matter of a) making use of a number of different social networking technologies and b) doing so in such a way that one derives some sort of supervening and beneficial effect.

So in the following posts I will take a look at what those technologies are and from where the benefit is really supposed to come.

Mmmmm Monday morning…




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