And the winner is…

August 21, 2009

OK, I obviously have no winner as of yet on this one. But one solution presents itself, along with a separate set of problems. Part of the objective in teching out candidates, as I mentioned in previous posts, is to be fair. We don’t want to ask unfair questions and thereby disqualify and/or turn off qualified candidates.

That said, one solution would be to determine their most recent job responsibilities in order to get a sense of what they should know, and then determine (on the fly…) fair and non-leading questions.  The problem is that this information is:

  • not always available (whether because the candidate is not able , allowed or willing to divulge it)
  • may require technical knowledge beyond that possessed by the recruiter
  • might constitute job responsibilities too far removed from the position in question, such that the only fair questions are not pertinent to the job for which the candidate is being screened

So what we are left with at this point is a kind of fluid solution:

  • Determine what you can about current or most recent job responsibilities
  • Of those, determine which are of enough relevance to warrant basing upon them non-leading questions
  • For those responsibilities (in the position for which the candidate is being interviewed) not covered by the first two steps, the standard approach of formulating technically aware and non-leading questions will have to do

This approach at least eliminates (or greatly reduces) the chance of asking unfair technical questions of the candidate. It also fits squarely within the larger strategy of providing more precise technical accounts of the both the job descriptions (to the candidates) and the candidates’ technical abilities (to the clients).


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