Linux people

August 18, 2009

So here is a good way to start things off. We have linux admin positions… an ongoing need for them actually. Linux is one of the most poured over technologies out there, and of course has blossomed (spread like a: disease? religion? obnoxious advertising slogan? etc?) into a myriad of discernable employable skills. Flavor? Type of environment? Application servers? Tomcat? Resin? Infrastructure services? There’s a ton of things associated with it.

So here is the question: assuming you have decent communication with your client and have a well defined skill set for which you are recruiting, how do you best make use of that information in the initial stages of your sourcing? Furthermore, let’s assume that you are starting from scratch and do not have a very large and well developed network to start from. Do you get crazy with the Boolean string searches? Do you use the information to track down specific consultants/consulting companies?


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